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Sunday, 7 August 2016

End of an era - The Lord of The Boot Sale is now gone.

It is with sad news that I must announce the blog Forgotten Vinyl also fondly known as "Lord Of The Boot Sale" that has lasted six years and had over 5,000 posts has now been  took down due to copyright infringements (unbeknown to the blogger).

Instead of asking to remove the infringing files the blogster was just cut off after years of sharing rare vinyl that he bought from boot sales.A very sad day for music lovers all over the world as this man has dedicated his time in sharing music that would not be available by commercial means.

I have followed Robins blog for many years and have sought out records and albums on the strength of his posts and paid for them!!

A great loss for the music lovers of the world, also to the record companies who deem advertising their wares illegal. 

RIP Lord of the Bootsale.


zephyr said...

This is very sad news Bob I too loved his blog and he put a lot into it about his fishing and different markets etc.I will miss it a lot and hope he returns

Bake liedjes said...

It sure is very sad news Bob.
I will miss the curiosity of his records.

Terry Peck said...

This is a diabolically low blow, especially as most of the stuff put up was so obscure as to be irrelevant in terms of royalties. The fascists are closing in, attempting to end civilisation as we know it. May they rot in hell (if there be such a place!)

rockindoc said...

Tis a sad day+++++++

oldies1 said...

NO NO NO and NO !!!!
For god's sake... SAD would be to put it mildly :( :(
Lord, start a new blog and please email me if this happens

brett symington said...

Very sad news.Lord Of The Boot Sale, was what the Internet should be about,sharing
information with fellow enthusiasts.I used to check it out every Sunday evening,and
never failed to be enthralled with Robin's latest adventures and the records that he
found.He took me back to a World often long forgotten, and in some cases a World I never knew.I long for his return.


Nigel Bateman said...

is he somewhere else online? does anyone have a link please?

Billy Blagg said...

What is ridiculous about this is there no way anyway would have heard these obscure gems but for people like LOTBS; I sincerely believe even some of the Artists themselves would have been grateful to have a place in the world. I know I would. So what will happen to them now? Those whose copywrite was infringed will have their records that nobody could remember or, for the most part, even heard, picked up on national or local radio? Yea, right.

Very, very sad.