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Denise Lor born 3 May 1929

Denise Lor (May 3, 1929 – September 27, 2015) was an American popular singer and actress. She was a featured artist on The Garry Moore Show. In 1951, she appeared in the short-lived variety show Seven at Eleven. 

Denise Jeanne Briault was born in Los Angeles, California, USA.. She moved with her mother to Long Island, New York, at the age of five, following her father's death, and graduated from Newtown High School. She then took art courses at night at Cooper Union, intent on becoming a commercial artist, while waitressing during the day at Schrafft's restaurant. 

She also had a love for singing, saving up money to do it professionally. She believed her chance to sing in Sonja Henie's New York ice show at the Centre Theatre to be her big break. She also decided to use her mother's maiden name, Lor, as her stage name. She was popular by the early 50’s recording such songs as "If I Give My Heart to You”(which charted in 1954, “Our Future has Only Just Begun,” and “Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now.” 


She appeared in various television shows during the 1950s and early 1960s such as the "The Big Payoff, "The Garry Moore Show" "The Jack Paar Tonight Show" and “ Droodles.”  After Lor's association with The Garry Moore Show ended, she performed in night clubs and similar venues. She briefly co-hosted the Mike Douglas Show in 1962 and was featured in the 1964 film “Diary of a Bachelor.” In the early 1970s, she worked in touring stock theatre, appearing in numerous musical comedies including "Gypsy", "Annie" and "Sweeney Todd". 

Lor married and subsequently divorced TV director and singer Jay Martin, with whom she had sons, Ron and Denis. They had met when she was singing on The Garry Moore Show at CBS, where he was an associate director. Her second marriage was to writer Charles Horine (aka Chuck Horner) becoming a veteran of more than 100 stage productions across the US.  

Denise Lor died in New York City on September 27th 2015, aged 86.  (Info compiled and edited from various sources, mainly Wikipedia)

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07 That's What A Girl Appreciates.mp3
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09 I'm Always Hearing Wedding Bells.mp3
10 I'm Worried.mp3
11 Man I've Been Looking For.mp3
12 Never To Know.mp3
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15 Whose Heart Are You Breaking Now.mp3
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17 Hurt Me.mp3
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