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Glen Mason born 16 September 1930

Glen Mason (16 September 1930 – 25 August 2014) was a Scottish-born singer of popular music.
Glen Mason was born Tom Lennon in Stirling, Scotland, UK, on 16 September 1930.
After three years in the mines, Mason spent eleven months at the Forth Vale Rubber Works, six months in the Army and fifteen months with a dry-cleaning firm. He appeared on the stage for the first time in a local amateur revue, "The Shipmates", singing "You Made Me Love You".
In the spring of 1951, he was offered his first professional engagement, with a three-month summer show at St. Andrews. After that, Glen had several appearances at Scottish theatres and in 1952 sang in another summer show at Montrose, also doing Sunday-night concerts in Arbroath. He headed next to London where, after some months, got a job in cabaret and sang for two weeks at the Churchill Club.
Norman Newell, manager for the Philips recording company noticed Mason and after an audition recorded Mason's first two tracks, "The Whistling Kettle and the Dancing Cat" and "Dixieland Tango". Mason introduced him to producer George Martin, and Martin made the Scottish singer "sound American" in his versions of U.S. hits "Glendora" and "Green Door".
They were amply advertised ("Glendora" was described as a record that "really rocks) but, competing with the Perry Como and Jim Lowe originals, they failed to chart, with "Green Door" peaking at #24. Mason also enjoyed success in the UK with his single "Shadrack" in 1961.
About this time Glen shared a flat with fellow entertainer Ronnie Carroll, and they pretended they had a long-running feud. Glen  came third in a national competition to represent the United Kingdom in Eurovision in 1959. Mason later appeared many times on radio and TV, in shows such as Mid-day Music Hall and Variety Parade. In 1960, he appeared, along with Jack Jackson and Jackson's son Malcolm, in the Michael Winner-directed musical-variety film Climb Up The Wall and worked with Winner again in his 1962 films Behave Yourself and The Cool Mikado.
The last time Glen was seen on TV was interviewing the many faces of Dick Emery on "Christmas Night With The Stars" in 1964. He later recorded 4 sides for Polydor records during 67/68 and one record for EMI  as part of  The Caddies with Henry Cooper, Tony Dalli, Bruce Forsyth, Kenny Lynch, Ed Stewart, and Jimmy Tarbuck in 1976. After which his trail goes cold until 2010 when a double CD was released of all of Glen’s recorded material. Many of Glen’s celebrity friends and family attended the CD launch party, including Kenny Lynch.

Mason in old age stayed in the Southborough Nursing Home, Surrey, where he was often entertained by young musicians whose repertoire included Mason songs. He died from natural causes on 25 August 2014.   (Compiled mainly from Wikipedia)


boppinbob said...

Glen Mason – All My Life (2CD)

Managed to find each track on YouTube, mind you it took ages converting 60 tracks!
This collection has all of Glen’s recordings plus audio clips from his TV shows and films. Details of artists included can be found on back cover.

For CD1 go here:

1 The Whistling Kettle And The Dancing Cat
2 Dixieland Tango
3 Oh My! Jock MacKay
4 Auld Lang Syne Forever
5 Hans Christian Andersen
6 The Man With The Banjo
7 Do Do Do Do Do Do Do It Again
8 Mambo's The Word
9 Too Many Heartaches
10 That's How A Lovesong Was Born
11 Pals
12 All My Life
13 Harbour Of Dreams
14 Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)
15 Baby Girl Of Mine
16 Glendora
17 Love Love Love
18 The Green Door
19 Why Must You Go Go Go
20 Don't Forbid Me
21 Amore
22 Round And Round
23 Walking And Whistling
24 Why Don't They Understand?
25 Crying My Heart Out For You
26 By My Side
27 By The Fireside
28 I'm Alone Because I Love You
29 What A Beautiful Combination
30 I May Never Pass This Way Again

For CD2 go here:

31 A Moment Ago
32 I Know Where I'm Goin
33 Autumn Souvenir
34 The End
35 Fall In Love
36 Fall In Love (Live Version)
37 The Battle Of New Orleans
38 I Don't Know
39 Climb Up The Wall Theme
40 Glen Mason & Libby Morris In The Park
41 Try Again
42 Try Again (Version 2)
43 Try Again (Version 3) - Mike Preston
44 What's Cooking?
45 You Got What It Takes
46 If There's Someone
47 I Like It When It Rains
48 That's What I Like
49 Shadrack (Live Version)
50 Fugue For Tinhorns
51 In The Good Old Rock & Roll Summertime
52 What Do You Say We Sing A Song
53 Well Did You Evah?
54 It's All Over Now
55 Too Good To Be Forgotten
56 Life's Gone And Slipped Away
57 Go Away
58 Go For A Take (Opening Theme)
59 Go For A Take (Closing Theme)
60 When Liberace Winked At Me

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