Friday, 10 March 2017

Radio Shows

Hi fellow music lovers.

You may note that I have posting sporadically of late, but the main reason is due to compiling scripts for my shows on Angel Radio. I have 2 shows per week which can be heard on-line here:    My shows are usually Far Away Places on Wednesdays and Gems From the Vaults on Thursdays.

If you like mainly 50's music (although I can go way back) please have a listen to my shows.
Here's me (left) and Kev Fiford at the studio.


zephyr said...

Listening now Bob and love it so far

Terry Peck said...

Will be listening soon, but in the meantime it's nice to put a face to the blog - and to say thank you for all the great stuff we can access because of it. It must be a 25 hour a day job for you, but clearly you love it. Cheers. Rock on!

Rocky Lane said...

Are your radio shows:

1) Downloadable
2) Available at off hours - i.e. 3 AM


boppinbob said...

Hello Rocky,
The station is on for 24/7. No podcasts I'm afraid, although the station manager sometimes repeats my shows during the night.