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Andrea Carroll born 3 October 1946

Andrea Carroll was the stage name of Andrea Lee DeCapite, now Andrea Hill, Ph.D. (born October 3, 1946). She is an American former pop singer and actress, who had a Billboard top 50 hit in 1963 with "It Hurts To Be Sixteen", and has subsequently worked as a therapist and acting coach.
She was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and at the age of three began appearing on television as a singer in The Gene Carroll Show, a talent show hosted by Carroll (1897–1972) that was broadcast in the Ohio area. She took the stage name Carroll, and continued to appear regularly on the show through the 1950s.
She made her first recordings as a pop singer on the Epic label with "Young and Lonely" in 1961, followed by "Please Don't Talk to the Lifeguard", which became a major hit in the Cleveland area but failed to break into the national charts.
After further singles on Epic failed to become hits, she signed with Bright Tunes Productions in New York City, and recorded "It Hurts To Be Sixteen" – her real age at the time – released on the Big Top label. The song featured the Chiffons on uncredited backing vocals, and rose to number 45 on the US pop chart in 1963. However, the follow-up record, "The Doolang", written by Howard Greenfield and Helen Miller, also featuring the Chiffons, failed to chart.
Carroll released several more singles on the RCA and United Artists labels, including "Hey Beach Boy", but they were unsuccessful. She continued to appear on The Gene Carroll Show through to the mid-1960s, and also toured with her own band, before giving up her musical career.
She attended Kent State University in the late 1960s, and made her final appearance on The Gene Carroll Show on a special tribute edition following Carroll's death. She later married television producer Lyle B. Hill, and trained as a clinical therapist. The couple own the Weist-Barron-Hill acting school in Burbank, California. Andrea Hill has published Making It In The Business, a book of guidance for people seeking to enter the entertainment industry. (Info Wikipedia)


boppinbob said...

For “Andrea Carroll - Singles: A's and B's (1961-66)” go here:


Track list:
1. Young And Lonely
2. I’ve Got A Date With Frankie
3. Please Don’t Talk To The Lifeguard
4. Room Of Memories
5. Gee Dad
6. The Charm On My Arm
7. Fifteen Shades Of Pink
8. Miss Happiness
9. It Hurts To Be Sixteen
10. Why Am I So Shy
11. The Doolang
12. This Time Tomorrow [Stereo Mix]
13. Sally Fool
14. Mr. Music Man
15. The World Isn’t Big Enough
16. She Gets Everything She Wants
17. Hey, Beach Boy
18. Why Should We Take The Easy Way Out

Bonus Tracks:
19. Play Me A Sad Song
20. That Boy I Used To Know
21. When People Are Around
22. Only My Friend
23. This Time Tomorrow [Demo]

A big thank you to Days Of Broken Arrows blog for active link.

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Broken link of Zippyshare. please re-up?

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Hello A.K.I couldn't find the original album among my external drives. But blogging friend Jake has posted it here :


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Thanks to both of you, i missed 'Only My Friend' on the album i got.
Hopefully he's now complete.