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Darlene Love born 26 July 1941

Darlene Love (née Wright; born July 26, 1941) is an American popular music singer. 

Love began her singing with her local church choir in Hawthorne Ca. While still in high school (1959) she was invited to join a little-known girl group called The Blossoms, who in 1962 began working with producer Phil Spector. With her powerful voice she was soon a highly sought-after vocalist, and managed to work with many of the legends of 1950s and 1960s rock and soul, including Sam Cooke, Dionne Warwick, The Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, and Sonny and Cher.  

Darlene and the Blossoms sang back-up vocals on Shelley Fabares's hit, "Johnny Angel" as well as John Phillips' solo album John, Wolfking of L.A. recorded in 1969. They also appeared on Johnny Rivers' hits including "Poor Side Of Town" and Motown covers "Baby I Need Your Loving" and "The Tracks of My Tears."

(The Blossoms recorded singles, usually with little success, on Capitol 1957-58 [pre-Darlene Love], Challenge 1961-62, OKeh 1963, Reprise 1966-67, Ode 1967, MGM 1968, Bell 1969-70, and Lion 1972.)   

With The Blossoms she also sang backing vocals on many of the biggest hits of the 1960s, including Spector's own "Da Doo Ron Ron" (allegedly recorded with her lead, which was later erased by Spector and re-recorded using Crystals' lead Dolores "LaLa" Brooks). Though credited by Spector as singles recorded by The Crystals, "He's A Rebel" and "He's Sure The Boy I Love" actually featured Love singing lead, backed by The Blossoms.

"Today I Met The Boy I'm Gonna Marry" was released as a single by Spector, and featured Love's name as the artist. She was also part of a trio called Bob B. Soxx & the Blue Jeans, who recorded a song in 1962, with their rendition of "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" from the Walt Disney film, Song of the South, which got into the top ten in 1963. The Blossoms landed a weekly part on Shindig!, one of the top music shows of the era. They were part of the highly acclaimed Elvis Presley's '68 Comeback Special, which aired on NBC.  
Into the 1970s Love continued to work as a back-up singer, before taking a break in order to raise a family. In 1973, she recorded vocals as a cheerleader along with Michelle Phillips, for the Cheech & Chong single "Basketball Jones", which peaked at No.15 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart.  

Love returned to music in the early 1980s and to an appreciative audience she thought may have long since forgotten her. In addition to singing the songs that made her famous, she has re-explored her gospel roots on several recordings. In the mid-1980s she portrayed herself in the Tony Award-nominated jukebox musical Leader of the Pack, which featured the iconic rock and roll songs written by Ellie Greenwich, many of them for the young Love.   

In the late 1980s and 1990s, Love also began an acting career, playing Danny Glover's wife in

the four Lethal Weapon movies, and appeared on Broadway in Grease and in the short-lived musical adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie. Love starred as Motormouth Maybelle in Broadway's Hairspray until April, 2008.   

She continues to do a Christmas show every year in New York City, which is always capped by "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)." She originally recorded the song in 1963 for the album A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector. Love has also performed the song every year since 1986 on the last episode of the Late Show with David Letterman before Christmas. The song is always performed with Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra, with the band being augmented by additional strings and other instruments, as well as a choir.

Letterman has stated that the annual performance is his favorite part of Christmas. Due to the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike, Love was unable to perform on the Letterman show in 2007; instead a repeat of her 2006 performance was shown. 

On March 14, 2011, Love was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Her most recent performances were  during the Summer 2015 Concert Series in Essex County, New Jersey. Also that year Love won her first Grammy Award for Best Music Film for the documentary 20 Feet From Stardom.
(info edited from Wikipedia) 


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For “The Best of Darlene Love” go here:

01 He's A Rebel
02 Zip-A-Dee-Doo Dah
03 My Heart Beat A Little Faster
04 He's Sure The Boy I Love
05 Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts
06 (Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry
07 Chapel Of Love
08 Not Too Young To Get Married
09 Wait Til My Bobby Gets Home
10 Run Run Runaway
11 A Fine, Fine Boy
12 Stumble And Fall
13 (He's A) Quiet Guy
14 Long Way To Be Happy
15 Lord, If You're A Woman

(Thanks to Maria @ Jukebox City for link)

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Thanks for Darlene Bob The Phil Spector sound has long been a is good to see you back again I hope you had a good holiday

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Thanks Kat! Had a good week in Dorset UK by the coast. Only one day of rain. Managed to get lots of CD bargains and a few Jurassic fossils from the cliffs (as well as a little sun tan). Looking at Blogger stats I still have hundreds od mports as draft from the golden days of MULTIPLY.

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Hello Rev. blGhlG Here's the album as requested.

For “Darlene Love – Introducing Darlene Love (2015 Columbia)” go here:

1 Among The Believers 3:27
2 Forbidden Nights 3:45
3 Love Kept Us Foolin' Around 3:39
4 Little Liar 3:53
5 Still Too Soon To Know 3:35
6 Who Under Heaven 6:36
7 Night Closing In 4:19
8 Painkiller 4:21
9 Just Another Lonely Mile 4:24
10 Last Time 4:38
11 River Deep, Mountain High 4:32
12 Sweet Freedom 3:14
13 Marvelous 5:40
14 Jesus Is The Rock (That Keeps Me Rollin') 6:17

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