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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Johnny Ferguson born 22 March 1937

Johnny “Ferg” Ferguson (b. 22 March 1937, Nashville, Tennesseee, USA) was a pop/country singer whose  sole hit in the U.S. charts is "Angela Jones".
Johnny graduated from Hillsboro High School and attended Peabody College for one year. While attending high school he worked part time as a disc jockey in the late 50’s for WNAH, WAGG and WSM-TV in Tennessee and WJAT in Georgia.

 As a writer, he managed to have a couple of his songs recorded by country acts Judy Lynn and Pat Kelly and it was a demo of one of his songs that persuaded Arnold Maxin, the managing director at MGM Records, to sign him.


His first single, the catchy John D. Loudermilk song ‘Angela Jones’ gave him a transatlantic Top 30 hit in 1960, although in the UK a Joe Meek -produced cover version by Michael Cox fared even better.
He also wrote and recorded two of his own songs for Decca Records in New York, “Sad Sad Day” and Candy Love.”. He also recorded under the name of Johnny Ferg. Later recordings, including a version of ‘I Understand’, failed to enhance his reputation on either side of the Atlantic and he joined the ranks of one-hit-wonders.
 Decca (1958)
 9-30572 What A Sad Sad Day That Will Be / Candy Love – 02-58 (rev. Feb. 17)
 9-30731  Last Date / 'Til School Starts Again – 08-58 (rev. Sept. 1)
 MGM (1959-1960)
 K 12789  Afterglow / Waitin' For The Sandman – 05-59
 K 12855  Angela Jones / Blue Serge And White Lace  - 12-59
 K 12905  Flutter, Flutter / I Understand Just How You Feel – 04-60
 K 12960  The Valley Of Love / No One Can Love You (Like I Do) - 10-60

After 1960 the internet trail goes cold. Any more info would be appreciated. (see comments)
(Info edited mainly from All Music Guide & Billboard Magazine & Praguefrank)


Unknown said...


Came across this obituary. John Lambeth Ferguson (March 22, 1937 - July 22, 2015).
Might be the missing piece of your fine tribute to Johnny Ferguson.

Thanks for the blog. A loyal follower;

John Kinsman
Midland, ON Canada

boppinbob said...

Hello john,Thanks for the info. As you may well understand, I do not get much feed back regarding information about the lesser known recording stars. So yours is a gem. thank you for taking the time to reply. My little tribute to John was due to lack of information, just like do many of his ilk.

I do try to target the more lesser known artists if I can, but the bigger seem to get the spotlight.

Regards, bob