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Thursday, 5 May 2016

Sonny Parker born 5 May 1925

Sonny Parker (May 5, 1925, Youngstown, Ohio – February 7, 1957, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) was an American blues and jazz singer, dancer, and drummer.
Raised in Chicago by the vaudeville act Butterbeans And Susie, Parker developed into an all-round entertainer specializing in singing and dancing, and his powerful voice lent itself well to blues shouting.
 Recording with trumpeter King Kolax for Columbia Records in 1948, he came to the attention of band leader Lionel Hampton, and recorded as the latter’s blues vocalist for Decca Records and MGM Records over the next three years, covering many of the top US R&B hits of the day (‘Drinking Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee’, ‘For You My Love’, ‘Merry Christmas Baby’, and ‘I Almost Lost My Mind’).

During the Hampton years, Parker recorded sessions in his own name for Aladdin Records, Spire and Peacock, usually featuring a contingent from the then-current Hampton orchestra. Later sessions were recorded in the mid-50s for Brunswick Records, Ultima and Hitts, and Parker continued to tour sporadically with Hampton.

 In 1955 Hampton brought Parker to Europe, and it was during a concert at Valenciennes, France, Parker had a brain haemorrhage, from which he did not recover. He died of a stroke in 1957.
(Info edited from All Music & Wikipedia)

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boppinbob said...

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The Complete 1948-1953
1. Tossin And Turnin
2. Lay Right Down And Dia
3. Gamblin Woman
4. You Don´T Know About Love
5. Hamp´s Gumbo
6. Pretty Baby
7. Sad Feeling
8. I Want A Little Girl
9. Rocking With G M
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11. Money Ain´t Everything
12. Disgusted Blues
13. She Sets My Soul On Fire
14. Worried Life Blues
15. Jealous Blues
16. I´m Hungry

The Best Recordings with Lionel Hampton 1949-1951
17. What´s Happening Baby
18. Drinking Wine Spo Dee O Dee
19. For You My Love
20. Sad Feeling
21. Hamp´s Gumbo
22. Boogie Woogie Santa Claus
23. Merry Christmas Baby
24. Cryin
25. Helpless
26. Don´t Flee The Scene Salty