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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Brian Lawrance born 13 October 1908

Brian Lawrance (13 October 1909 - October 1983) was an Australian-born actor and musician, known for his musical roles as 'Brian Gates' in She Shall Have Music (1935), 'Douglas Cameron' in Fame (1936) and 'Jimmy King' in Sing as You Swing (1937).
Lawrance was perhaps better known as a crooner, bandleader and violinist who found more fame here in the UK rather than his native Australia. He came to England in late 1927, and sang with various dance band and studio groups before forming his own group in 1934, which played nightly at Quaglino's Restaurant in London's West End, and recorded some excellent jazz sides.
In 1937 he began recording for Rex with his Lansdowne House Orchestra who were responsible for a series of vocal music recordings largely in the second half of the '30s.

Lawrance had several attributes that came in handy for a bandleader; both instrumental and vocal talent, swinging pleasingly on the violin and singing with comfortable ease if not stylistic innovation. Probably of even more importance were his good looks. Some backers thought Lawrance could become a matinee idol, at the very least an Ozzie Nelson type.

He played the lead male part in a pair of musical films but seems to have dropped out of both acting and performing with the changing of entertainment fashions following the Second World War.

He returned to Australia where his band played at famous places like the Trocadero in Sydney. He later went on to work for the Australian Broadcasting Network. He died in October 1983.
(As you can see Info very scarce. Edited mainly from  IMDB & AMG)

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boppinbob said...

For “Brian Lawrance - Some Of These Days” Go here:

(26 tracks gleaned from the web!)

01 brian-lawrance-miss-annabelle-lee.mp3
02 brian-lawrance-darktown-strutters-ball.mp3
03 brian-lawrance-i-want-to-be-happy.mp3
04 brian-lawrance-way-down-younder-in-n-o.mp3
05 brian-lawrance-tormented.mp3
06 brian-lawrance-is-it-true-what-the-say-about-dixie.mp3
07 brian-lawrance-you-can-t-pull-the-woll-over-my-eyes.mp3
08 brian-lawrance-if-you-were-the-only-girl-in-the-world.mp3
09 brian-lawrance-everybody-loves-my-baby.mp3
10 brian-lawrance-china-boy.mp3
11 brian-lawrance-some-of-these-days.mp3
12 brian-lawrance-my-sweetie-went-away.mp3
13 brian-lawrance-alexander-s-ragtime-band.mp3
14 brian-lawrance-somebody-stole-my-gal.mp3
15 brian-lawrance-i-m-gonna-take-my-mother-out-tonight.mp3
16 brian-lawrance-broken-doll.mp3
17 brian-lawrance-chicken-reel.mp3
18 brian-lawrance-from-the-top-of-your-head.mp3
19 brian-lawrance-i-must-see-annie-tonight.mp3
20 brian-lawrance-says-my-heart.mp3
21 brian-lawrance-south-sea-island-magic.mp3
22 brian-lawrance-that-s-the-way-i-like-to-hear-you-talk.mp3
23 brian-lawrance-toodle-oo.mp3
24 brian-lawrance-you-re-looking-for-romance-i-m-looking-for-love.mp3
25 brian-lawrence-and-his-lansdowne-orchestra-september-in-the-rain.mp3
26 brian-lawrence-and-his-lansdowne-orchestra-the-moon-got-in-my-eyes.mp3