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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Colette Renard born 1 November 1924

Colette Renard (1 November 1924 – 6 October 2010) was a French actress and singer.  
Colette Renard was born on November 1, 1924 in Ermont, Val d'Oise, France as Colette Lucie Raget. After studying classical cello, Renard worked in various non-musical capacities, including becoming an administrative secretary for orchestra leader Raymond Legrand, whom she later married.
She began singing and in 1956 played the lead in the first production of Irma La Douce, which was staged at Paris’ Theatre Gramont. Renard continued playing this role through the late 50s and would return to it often in later years, Alexandre Breffort and Marguerite Monnot’s songs becoming a staple of her repertoire.
She recorded several albums of, bawdy, ribald and erotic songs.  The most famous of these is probably Les Nuits d'une Demoiselle, where she lists the slang for sexual intercourse (some issued versions on E.P.’s have been toned down and some bear the words Clean Text). She also recorded traditional French songs as collected and adapted by Guy Breton.
                      Here's "Zon Zon Zon" from above E.P.
She became a popular recording and concert artist, maintaining a high level of activity and audience appreciation through into the late 90s. In 1982 she won two gold discs.  During her career she released a total of 52 albums. She recorded her last studio album in 2002. 
From the late 50s Renard appeared in films, including Le Dos au Mur (US title: Back to the Wall), Business (1960) and Clodo (1970). Her television appearances included roles in Les Dossiers de Me Robineau: Les Cagnards (1972), Un Grand Amour de Balzac and La Vie Rêvée de Vincent Scotto (both 1973), Mon Petit Âne, Ma Mère (1982), Maigret et la Princesse (2003), Plus Belle la Vie (2004) and Le Triporteur de Belleville (2005). 
Renard was married four times.  Jean Houssin (1945-1947) - Georges Chottin (1952-1955) - Raymond Legrand (1960-1969) and Michael Wandler 20 September 1978. 
She has also appeared as herself on television and in films, including Oscar Thiffault (1987). Her autobiography was published in 1998. Colette was also a sponsor of the Association of Wheat Hope whose goal is to help hospitalized children live better lives. She participated in several plays in Marseille in 2008.

During 2006, Colette was diagnosed with brain cancer which eventually caused her death at the age of 85 on 6 October 2010 in Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse, France. She was buried in Milon-la-Chapelle ( Yvelines ). (Info mainly from Qobuz)
Here's Colette Renard "Ca, c'est de la musique" from 1966. Original poster would not allow embed facility, so best viewed at You Tube. 


boppinbob said...

For the best Of Colette Renard go here:

1. Mon homme Colette Renard 2:50
2. Irma la Douce Colette Renard 2:57
3. Sous les ponts de Paris Colette Renard 1:21
4. Ménilmontant Colette Renard 2:44
5. La vie en rose Colette Renard 2:00
6. Les feuilles mortes Colette Renard 2:23
7. Pigalle Colette Renard 2:46
8. Ah dis donc, dis donc Colette Renard 2:04
9. Avec les anges Colette Renard 3:28
10. Y'a qu'à Paris pour ça Colette Renard 2:55
11. En douce Colette Renard 3:01
12. Zon zon zon Colette Renard 3:04
13. Ça c'est Paris Colette Renard 1:50
14. Paris canaille Colette Renard 3:06
15. Ma mie Colette Renard 3:28
16. Prosper Colette Renard 2:10
17. La Seine Colette Renard 1:54
18. L'homme en habit Colette Renard 3:15
19. Sa casquette Colette Renard 2:39
20. Ou va-t-on se nicher ? Colette Renard 2:50

Unknown said...

Compilation fantastique, merci beaucoup Bob, Robert