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Friday, 4 October 2013

Leroy Van Dyke born 4 October 1929

Leroy Van Dyke (born Leroy Frank Van Dyke, 4 October 1929, Mora, Missouri) is billed as "The World’s Most Famous Auctioneer".

Leroy was catapulted into country music recording fame in 1956 by his own composition "Auctioneer," which has to date sold an estimated three million records. He wrote the song about the life of his cousin, National Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame Ray Sims, also a Missourian. Leroy later had the lead role of a budding country music performer in the movie What Am I Bid?, in which Ray Sims played himself as an auctioneer.

In his fifty years plus career, Van Dyke has recorded some 500 songs, dozens of them making the charts. His record of "Walk On By" (1961) was named by Billboard Magazine in 1994 as the biggest country single of all time, based on sales, plays and weeks in the charts. It stayed at number one for nineteen weeks, and in all, charted for 42 weeks, selling approximately three million records.

Other Van Dyke notable hits were "If A Woman Answers," "Black Cloud," "Big Man In A Big House," "Anne Of A Thousand Days," "Happy To Be Unhappy," "Night People," "Be A Good Girl," "Dim Dark Corner," "Five Steps Away," "How Long Must You Keep Me A Secret," "Afraid Of A Heartache," "Big Wide Wonderful World Of Country Music," "Birmingham," "Just A State Of Mind," "Mr. Professor," "My World Is Caving In," "The Other Boys Are Talking," "Poor Guy," "Roses From A Stranger," "Texas Tea," "Who’s Gonna Run The Truck Stop In Tuba City When I’m Gone,"
"Wrong Side Of The Tracks," "Your Daughter Cried All Night," "Your Money," and "The Life You Offered Me."
He was co-host, with Bill Mack, of the Southern Baptist Radio/TV Commission-produced "Country Crossroads" radio show for ten years, and was later joined by a third co-host, Jerry Clower. This became the most widely syndicated radio show in country music history.

Van Dyke continues a full performance schedule, traveling from his office/home complex on his 1,000-acre (4 km²) ranch in west

central Missouri near Sedalia.  At the age of 83, LeRoy also raises premium quality Arabian mules! He is a member of the National Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame, is active in many music industry organizations and, as a sideline, raises premium quality Arabian mules. All aspects of his Leroy Van Dyke Enterprises are managed by his wife, Gladys, former legal secretary/court reporter. Their son Ben, plays lead guitar with all Van Dyke performances.

Leroy Van Dyke recently appeared in a cameo role for a T.V.
commercial advertising the The Sherwood Inn, in Garnett, Kansas whilst he was there performing for the Anderson County Fair. The commercial was used as part of a skit on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien Show on September 11, 2007 (NBC added it to and it is linked on Conan made special note of Leroy during the segment!  (info mainly Wikipedia)

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