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Monday, 15 July 2013

Nina Van Pallandt born 15 July 1932

Baroness Nina Van Pallandt (born Copenhagen, July 15, 1932) is a Danish singer and actress.

Born Nine Magdelena Möller, she married Frederik, Baron Van Pallandt, the son of the Dutch ambassador to Denmark in September 1960. She was also married briefly to Robert Kirby, a South African satirist in the 1970s. She now lives in Barcelona, Spain.
They formed a singing duo, Nina & Frederik who were Danish easy listening icons of the 1960s who moved effortlessly from folk to calypso to pop to protest songs ("Listen to the Ocean," "Sucu, Sucu," "Little Donkey"). Whether on record, television or stage, their distinctive sweet harmonies and melodic songs won many fans; they also had an extraordinary knack of making Christmas records all-year round listening. They played the London Palladium in 1966.

They had three children: Floris Nicolas Ali, Baron van Pallandt (1961) Kirsa Eleonore Clara, Comtesse van Pallandt (1963)
Ana Maria Else, Comtesse van Pallandt (1965)

The couple split up in 1969 and Nina went on to a solo career as a singer and Hollywood actress. They divorced in 1975.
Nina's first marriage was on 11 August 1955 to Thorvald Théodore
William Wessel. She was also married briefly to Robert Kirby, a South African satirist in the 1970s.

When writer Clifford Irving made headlines in 1972 for allegedly gaining access to the elusive Howard Hughes, it became public knowledge that Nina Van Pallandt had been having an affair with Irving. Shortly after publishing a series of Hughes "interviews," Irving was exposed as a literary fraud, having completely fabricated the interview sessions. While Irving protested the authenticity of his writings, Van Pallandt drove the nail in his credibility coffin by insisting that Irving had been vacationing in Mexico with her at the time he was supposedly picking Hughes' brains.

Even as Clifford Irving was being escorted to prison, Van Pallandt's singing career soared. Nina Van Pallandt was able to finesse her 15 minutes of fame into a 15-year film career; merely ornamental in

many of her films, Nina Van Pallandt actually delivered a semblance of a performance in Robert Altman's The Long Goodbye (1973).

In the 2007 film The Hoax, about Irving's fake autobiography of Howard Hughes, Nina van Pallandt is portrayed by Julie Delpy. Ironically, the film starred Richard Gere, who appeared with the real van Pallandt in one of his earliest films, American Gigolo.

Frederik undertook a nearly reclusive existence in the Balearic Island of Ibiza, but the couple remained good friends and Nina too made a base on the same island.

During the late 1980s, the baron began to spend increasing amounts of time on his yacht in the Philipines where he is alleged to have become involved in some doubtful business dealings. It was there, during May 1994, that he was shot dead by an unknown assassin- a tragic end to an amazing life. (Info various mainly Wikipedai)


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zephyr said...

Thanks for the bio Bob I hae always liked them singing together.I never realised Nina's history she must have led an adventurous life