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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Heinz Burt born 24 July 1942

Heinz Burt, (24 July 1942, Detmold, Free State of Lippe, Germany – 7 April 2000, Weston, Hampshire, England) was a German-born bassist and singer, who performed under the stage name Heinz.

Heinz was born Heinz Henry George Schwarz in Detmold, but from the age of seven was brought up in Eastleigh, Hampshire, England. His father was killed during World War II and his mother decided to relocate to England. Heinz was influenced by the US singer Eddie Cochran and played in a skiffle band the Falcons in
1950s. Working in a Southampton grocery shop Heinz came to the attention of record producer, Joe Meek, becoming his protégé.

Meek styled Heinz' image which included persuading him to peroxide his hair. Heinz was a member of the Tornados famous for their multi-million selling hit "Telstar". With Meek in love with Heinz, he struggled to launch him on a solo career. Due to the inadequacies of Heinz' voice, his vocals were over-dubbed on his first single Dreams Do Come True by another singer (Meek artist, Mark Douglas a.k.a.Billy Gray, Real Name William Halsey), the single being a commercial failure. With Meek vigorously promoting Heinz, he was sent on a tour with Gene Vincent and Jerry Lee Lewis. Audiences did not take to him and he was attacked on stage and had beans thrown over him.  

His next and biggest selling solo hit was "Just Like Eddie", a tribute to Eddie Cochran. Its success coincided with the emergence of the Beatles and was the high point of commercial success for Heinz. Two successful EPs, Heinz and Live It Up, followed and 1963 he appeared in the British music-film Live It Up!, with music produced by Meek, in which he acted the role of Ron and also contributed a song. Following a well-received tour with Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas and Bobby Rydell, Heinz was seen as belonging to an era of rock and roll as the more modern Merseybeat became more popular. He covered the Bob Dylan song "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" which was another commercial failure and even a move from the Decca label to EMI saw him gain a minor hit with "Diggin' My Potatoes".

Differences of a professional and personal level with Meek appeared and with Heinz introducing his girlfriend to Meek their relationship faltered. Although he had lived briefly in Meek's flat, further disagreements over royalties saw him move out leaving some possessions behind including a shotgun. It was this shotgun with which Meek killed his landlady and then himself in 1967, and although Heinz was
questioned by police they concluded he had nothing to do with their deaths.

His recording career came to a halt after the death of Joe Meek, but he continued to act and perform live for the rest of his life, with highlights including the vast "London Rock & Roll Show" of 1972 and a highly acclaimed performance opposite Dame Helen Mirren in David Hare's 1975 play "Teeth 'n' Smiles". He also appeared in pantomime and made periodic revival recordings with other original members of The Tornados. He suffered from ill health for several years before being diagnosed with motor neurone disease in the early 1990's; he met the diagnosis head on and refused to give into its challenges, even continuing to perform in a wheelchair up until two weeks before his death. 

Heinz performed his final set in a social club in Hampshire on 24th March, 2000. Seated in a wheelchair, to which he was confined, he sang Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, Three Steps To Heaven, and his biggest solo hit, Just Like Eddie.

He died on 7th April, after a stroke. Aged 57.When he died, Heinz had just eighteen pounds in his pocket to his name. A tragic end.(Info edited mainly from from Wikipedia)


The Smart Aleck's - Don't You Understand.
Heinz Burt (Vocals) / Steve Marriott (Drums)
David Hemmings (Guitar) / John Pike (Bass Guitar)

This version was for the Movie "Live It Up"

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boppinbob said...

For The Complete Heinz 2CD go here:

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Track Listing:
Disc 1 : Dreams Do Come True - Been Invited To A Party - Just Like Eddie - Don't You Knock At My Door - Country Boy - Long Tall Jack - You Were There - No Matter What They Say - Please Little Girl - For Loving Me This Way - Questions I Can't Answer - Beating Of My Heart - Diggin' My Potatoes - She Ain't Coming Back - Don't Think Twice It's Alright - Big Fat Spider - End Of The World - You Make Me Feel So Good - Heart Full Of Sorrow - Don't Worry Baby - Movin' In - I'm Not A Bad Guy.

Disc 2 : I Get Up In The Morning - Talkin' Like A Man - That Lucky Old Sun - Lonely River - Live It Up - Don't You Understand - When Your Loving Goes Wrong - Tribute To Eddie - Hush A Bye - Sorry I Ran All The Way Home - Summertime Blues - Don't Keep Pickin' At Me - Cut Across Shorty - Three Steps To Heaven - Come On and Dance - Twenty Flight Rock - Look For A Star - My Dreams - I Remember - Rumble In The Night - Somebody To Love - I Got A Woman.

Here's a few comments from original Multiply blog back in 2007.

peter aarts said... Oh boy .... ,, Just Like Eddie''. It was DECADES ago that I heard this record. I still have a greatest hits album (I think). Thanks for the nice full sory. Peter. 24 July 2007 09:46

Bernadette Cole said...This was really a complicated and tragic life .... thanks for the song. 24 July 2007 13:18

Christine Bassett said...Yes, a tragic and complicated life. It seems so many in the entertainment industry, particularly in music, seem unable to handle the fame and the money that goes with it. My own son has been involved in that world since he was about 13 and T.G. has survived, but nevertheless has the 't-shirt' so to speak and although now more famous as a 'legend' than ever, he is older and wiser due to his experiences, T.G. 25 July 2007 00:33