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Teddy Redell born 7 June 1937

Teddy Redell (7 June 1937- 3 September 2014) was an American rockabilly, rock 'n' roll and country musician.

Teddy Riedel's unique style of piano playing has been a fixture of American music for half a century. Born Theodore DeLano Riedel in North Central Arkansas, his early years were spent on the family farm near Quitman, Arkansas. Teddy learned to play piano from his grade school teacher Annie Witt, who focused his lessons around boogie woogie and ragtime popular during the 1920s and 30s. Moon Mullican became his idol and his principal influence. By his teens, Teddy had developed his own style and was writing his own songs.

Teddy's break came at the age of 15 when he was asked to perform on KWCB radio in Searcy, Arkansas, on a program profiling young musicians from area schools. The station was soon flooded with requests for replays of his performance, Steel Guitar Rag. Lloyd Sutherland asked Teddy to join his band for their weekly radio program and Teddy began playing live shows with Sutherland and his band around central Arkansas. In the winter of 1955, popular recording star Wayne Raney brought Teddy to Missouri to appear on his television program on KRCG in Jefferson City.

On March 21, 1955, Redell went into Cincinnati's King studio with Raney and played piano on four tracks, including "Bootleg Boogie" and "Gone With the Wind This Morning". He toured with Raney's band until late 1956. In the summer of 1957 he auditioned for Sam Phillips, but as we all know, Phillips released only a fraction of what he recorded and these Sun recordings are not only unissued, but also untraceable. Redell did session work as a pianist for the small Dub and Stylo labels in Little Rock and, starting 1958, also for the fledgling Vaden label in Trumann, AK, owned by Arlen Vaden

Vaden asked Teddy to play backup for a recording session in 1959. When the lead singer came down with laryngitis, Teddy was given the studio time. Knocking on the Backside and its flipside, Before It Began, was released on Vaden Records under the stage name "Teddy Redell." It quickly became a popular selection in the juke boxes of eastern Arkansas. Teddy's second release, Corrina Corrina / Gold Dust, was recorded at King Studios in Cincinnati, and released on the Vaden label in 1960. His third release, I Want to Hold You / Pipeliner soon followed. 


But it was his fourth release that would become his most famous. Judy was recorded in 1960 and released as the B side of Can't You See on the Vaden and Atco labels. The following year, Judy was released by Elvis Presley and stayed for several weeks on Billboard's Hot 100. The Presley version ensured that Teddy would receive a handsome writer's royalty cheque every six months for the rest of his life.

Teddy was drafted into the U.S. armed services in 1960. He completed basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, and served the remainder of his two years at Fort Bliss, Texas. During his army years, Teddy continued to play local bars around El Paso. Teddy returned to Arkansas in 1962 and began touring under his own name. In October 1962, Teddy joined with the Pacers to record his fifth release, Poor Ole Me / Between Midnite and Dawn, on Razorback Records.

In 1963, Teddy grew tired of the road and settled in Benton, Arkansas, to learn piano tuning from a professional piano technician. During the 1960s, he continued his songwriting career with an exclusive agreement for Sonny James. In 1964, Teddy married his wife Rose, and they eventually settled in Rose Bud, Arkansas, where he established his own piano service business and ran a farm. Teddy returned to the music scene in the 1970s, performing regularly at local private clubs around Searcy. In 1979, Teddy was approached by record producer Cees Klop of the Netherlands. The first compilation of Teddy's Vaden recordings appeared on LP on White Label, along with a new LP of Teddy's popular club standards from the 1970s, such as Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms.

Teddy's first European tour in 1988 took him to show dates in the Netherlands and Sweden, followed by a live album release on Collector Records. His second tour in 1991 took him again to the Netherlands and new venues in Germany. A CD compilation of this greatest works appeared that same year. Teddy toured the Netherlands and Sweden again in 1997. His fourth and most recent European tour was to the famous Hemsby Music Festival in England in 2002.

Teddy stooped touring in 2005 and continued to tune pianos until 2011, but still performed for special events around Arkansas. He died on September 3, 2014, at the Greystone Nursing Home in Cabot (Lonoke County) aged 77, and is buried at Crossroads Cemetery in Hopewell (Cleburne County).

(Edited from This Is My Story, &  Encyclopedia of Arkansas)



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For “Teddy Redell - Before It Began (2020 AMB digita1)” go here:

01 - Teddy Redell - Knocking on the backside.mp3
02 - Teddy Redell - Judy.mp3
03 - Teddy Redell - Before it began.mp3
04 - Teddy Redell - I'll sail my ship alone.mp3
05 - Teddy Redell - Orange blossom special (instr.).mp3
06 - Teddy Redell - Gold Dust.mp3
07 - Teddy Redell - Don't grow old alone.mp3
08 - Teddy Redell - Corinna Corinna.mp3
09 - Teddy Redell - Saddle rag (instr.).mp3
10 - Teddy Redell - Pipeliner.mp3
11 - Teddy Redell - I see the moon.mp3
12 - Teddy Redell - I want to hold you.mp3
13 - Teddy Redell - Can't you see.mp3
14 - Teddy Redell - Ole time rock and roll.mp3
15 - Teddy Redell - Pinetop's boogie woogie (instr.).mp3
16 - Teddy Redell - One night.mp3
17 - Teddy Redell - Brain cloudy rock.mp3
18 - Teddy Redell - Lie, Lie, Lie.mp3
19 - Teddy Redell - China river (instr.).mp3
20 - Teddy Redell - Piano man.mp3
21 - Teddy Redell - Crawlin back to you.mp3
22 - Teddy Redell - Roll in my sweet baby's arms (1).mp3
23 - Teddy Redell - Country man.mp3
24 - Teddy Redell - Teddy's boogie (instr.).mp3
25 - Teddy Redell - Pipeliner 1979.mp3
26 - Teddy Redell - It'll be me.mp3
27 - Teddy Redell - Cow cow blues.mp3
28 - Teddy Redell - Boogie woogie Bill.mp3
29 - Teddy Redell - One more show.mp3
30 - Teddy Redell - Roll in my sweet baby's arms (2).mp3


For” Teddy Redell - 1952-2002, Young And Still Young (2002 Collector)

01 - Knocking On The Backside.mp3
02 - Before It Began (Shame Shame).mp3
03 - Hang Out My Front Door Key.mp3
04 - El Paso Boogie.mp3
05 - Study Boogie (Inst.).mp3
06 - I Don't Want To Know.mp3
07 - Going To California Bye Bye Sue.mp3
08 - Hot Spot Of The Town.mp3
09 - Practice Boogie (Inst.).mp3
10 - My Old Kentucky Home.mp3
11 - Mississippi Boogie.mp3
12 - I Might Have Known.mp3
13 - Urge To Cry.mp3
14 - Crazy Arms.mp3
15 - Coconut Grove (Inst.).mp3
16 - Fanny Mae.mp3
17 - Stirring Gravy (Inst.).mp3
18 - Baby, What You Want Me To Do.mp3
19 - Today I Started Loving You Again.mp3
20 - Under The Double Eagle.mp3
21 - Remember Me.mp3
22 - I Don't Hurt Anymore.mp3
23 - Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain.mp3
24 - Nadine.mp3
25 - Got You On My Mind.mp3
26 - Memphis Tennessee (Inst.).mp3
27 - Half A Mind To Leave You.mp3
28 - Last Date.mp3
29 - Orange Blossom Special.mp3
30 - We Live In Two Different Worlds.mp3
31 - I'm Feeling Sorry.mp3

Thanks to Linda563 & Oowawa for the loan of above CD’s.

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