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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Bud Isaacs born 26 March 1928

Bud Isaacs (b. 26 March 1928) is an influential American pioneer pedal steel guitarist who was a regular musician on the Grand Ole Opry and the Ozark Jubilee. He worked for numerous artists in recording sessions and on the road.
Born Forrest Isaacs, 26 March 1928, Bedford, Indiana, USA. Isaacs was playing steel guitar professionally at the age of 16 and after playing on some local stations, he relocated to Nashville. He began to play on the Grand Ole Opry in 1951 with Eddie Hill, later joining Little Jimmy Dickens.
In 1953, he was responsible for the addition of foot and knee pedals to a steel guitar. By careful footwork, he was able to vary the tension on individual strings and change the pitch of a single string so as to alter individual chords. His idea caused a sensation as it had previously
been considered impossible to change anything less than a whole chord at one time. The first recording to feature his new invention was when Isaacs played it on Webb Pierce’s hit recording of ‘Slowly’ in 1954. (Jimmy Day had played steel on earlier versions by Pierce).
His idea revolutionized the sound of steel guitars on country recordings and most of the leading exponents of the instrument soon followed his lead. He was much in demand for session work but he also made solo recordings that year for RCA Records, including his lilting ‘The Waltz You Saved For Me’.
In 1955, he became a member of the Ozark Jubilee, appearing on radio and television programmes with the star, Red Foley. It has been recorded that Isaacs played on the 11 top country hits of the year in 1955. In 1958, Isaacs, with Chet Atkins, Homer Haynes, 

Bud & Geri Isaacs
Jethro Burns (Homer And Jethro) and Dale Potter, recording as the Country All-Stars, cut String Dustin’, a very up-tempo release.  
Isaacs married Geri Mapes, a yodeller, singer and bass player and they worked together with an act they called the Golden West Singers. He continued to play on countless recordings and was inducted into the Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame in 1984; they eventually retired to Arizona. Bud suffered from a stroke in the late 90’s and stopped playing until he was coaxed from retirement to play at a  SWSGA show in 2013.
During the show Bud’s wife Geri mentioned that he had not played since '97 before they went on stage - Bud with that half a Bud smile and said, "and it may be 20 more years before I try it again after you hear this one." Geri said, "You will do fine Hon" he said, "if I don't make it through this one I am not trying again till after I am a hun-derd.”

Isaacs wll always be remembered for his dazzling steel guitar playing, especially his catchy ‘Bud’s Bounce’. His 1955 RCA - Victor Records EP, Crying Steel Guitar, is now a highly prized collectable.
(Info edited mainly from AMG, IMDB & Wikipedia)

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For “Bud Isaacs – Buds Bounce” go here:

1. Hot Mockin' Bird
2. The Waltz You Saved Me
3. Bud's Steel Guitar Stomp
4. Indian Love Call
5. Skokiaan
6. Bud's Boogie
7. Yesterday's Waltz
8. Cowboy Conga
9. Panhandle Rag
10. Beautiful Mahana
11. Steel Guitar Breakdown
12. Kentucky Waltz
13. Turn Around
14. Steelin' Home
15. By the Waters of the Minnetonka
16. Blue Mirage
17. Waltz of the Ozarks
18. Bud's Bounce - (take)
19. Texas Playboy Rag
20. Westphalia Waltz
21. Boing!
22. Bud's Waltz
23. Sweet and Hot
24. Bohemiana Polka
25. Bud's Bounce - (alternate take)

A big thank you to The Rockin’ Bandit for original link

Who was Bud Isaacs, and why should you care? Steel guitar players need no introduction to him because he brought the pedal steel guitar to country music when he played on Webb Pierce's Slowly. For the first time on CD, Bear Family has collected the 25 steel guitar instrumentals that Bud Isaacs recorded for RCA Victor from 1954-56 - these have been unavailable since the original single releases in the 1950s! Included are boogies, waltzes and the original version of one of the all-time steel guitar classics, Bud's Bounce.

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