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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Lenny Welch born 15 May 1938

Lenny Welch (born Leon Welch, May 15, 1938), is an American MOR/pop singer who will be remembered by most for one song, but what a song it was.  His 1964 single "Since I Fell For You" topped the pop and soul charts and became one that the most loved songs of the decade.  It has since been remade by countless artists but none have matched Welch's plaintive reading, arguably one of the great pop performances of all time.
Lenny Welch was born Leon Welch on May 15, 1938 in Asbury Park, NJ. He started singing as a youngster, assembling groups, and participating in talent-shows.
In his late teens, Welch and group auditioned for Decca Records in New York. The executives loved Lenny, as they called Leon, it flowed better so he kept the name but had no interest in the others. Decca recorded Lenny  solo on a couple of promising 45's but the sales were dismal. Two years passed before his next break. Coley Wallace, a prize fighter, introduced Lenny  to Archie Bleyer the owner of Cadence Records. The association clicked and "You Don't Know Me" was his first release, it made some noise, but it was the second Cadence single "Since I Fell For You," a #5 Pop hit in 1963 that brought the mass sells and accolades; he also scored with "Ebb Tide," and was on his way to becoming another Johnny Mathis when two devastating circumstances occurred.

For starters, and reasons unknown, Archie Bleyer folded Cadence in September of 1964, the label he started in December 1952. (Cadence had built the careers of many artists including Andy
Williams, the Everly Brothers, and Johnny Tillotson; Andy Williams purchased the companies' masters from Bleyer and reissued them on his Barnaby label, but signed with Columbia Records to release his new recordings, while Bleyer retired to Wisconsin.) Lenny's last Cadence release "If You See My Love," in 1964 charted at #92. He also contributed vocals to Eddie Harris' 1964 LP Cool Sax, Warm Heart. But after a couple of hits and one LP release Since I Fell for You in 1963, Lenny was shopping for a new deal.
The second setback came from Uncle Sam. Lenny kept involved in music while serving his country. He did record hops and weekend dates to promote his new releases on Kapp Records, but nothing significant happened until his duty ended. He landed with Kapp shortly after Cadence closed and charted with "Darling Take Me Back," "Two Different Worlds" (1965), "Please Help Me, I'm Falling" (1966), and "The Right to Cry," in 1967.
Unexpectedly, Welch then took another hiatus; this time to get his mind together, and to practice and research his musical skills and sell his image. While compared to Johnny Mathis and other ballad singers, Lenny wasn't playing the cushy Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe gigs, his albums didn't sell like Mathis' or Andy Williams'. The leave of absence was a big mistake; he came back, and began gigging at some major clubs, but it never really happened for him like he envisioned. Attempted comebacks in the 70's didn't pan out, including a marvelous single on the Cur label entitled "To Be Loved/Glory of Love" b/w "My Heart Won't Let Me."
Dwindling interest caused the handsome, velvet voice singer with the super personality to become a "whatever happened to . . ." topic. You can hear his work on Anthology (1958-1966), on Taragon Records, and the Collectables reissue of Since I Fell for You. He recorded three albums on Kapp: Two Different Worlds (1965), Rags to Riches (1966), and Lenny, in 1967.
Despite the last of recording success, Welch continued to perform successfully around the world as well as on the casino circuit in the U.S. He also found a niche performing voice-overs on television commercials.  More recently he began acting, appearing frequently on ABC's General Hospital. 
Currently, Lenny lives in Los Angeles and finds himself in demand again for Oldies shows. Lenny's unique style and sound have made him one of the nation's most respected singers. (Info mainly from AMG)

A Lovely Ballad by Lenny Welch, Darlin Take Me Back. On Hollywood A Go-Go. (1965)

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boppinbob said...

For Lenny Welch - A Taste of Honey - The Complete Cadence Recordings 1959-1964 go here:

1. You Don't Know Me
2. I Need Someone
3. Darlin'
4. Three Handed Woman
5. I'd Like To Know
6. Changa Rock
7. Boogie Cha Cha
8. Mama, Don't You Hit That Boy
9. It's Just Not That Easy
10. Ebb Tide
11. Congratulations Baby
12. Taste Of Honey
13. Old Cathedral
14. Since I Fell For You
15. Are You Sincere
16. You Can Have Her
17. Stranger In Paradise
18. I'm In The Mood For Love
19. Father Sebastian
20. If You See My Love