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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Warner Mack born 2 April 1938

Warner MacPherson (born April 2, 1938), known professionally as Warner Mack, is an American country music singer-songwriter. Mack had many hits on the country charts from the late 1950s to the early 1970s, some of which crossed over to the pop charts.
Warner Mack was a popular performer for Decca Records during the 1960s. He was born Warner MacPherson, the son of a Presbyterian minister, and raised in Vicksburg, Mississippi, where he taught himself to play guitar as a youth. A talented athlete, he had offers to play both college baseball and football; he was also offered a spot on the St. Louis Cardinals, but Mack really wanted to be a musician. He got his start on the KWKH Louisiana Hayride and then appeared on Red Foley's Ozark Jamboree, gaining an even greater following. He still kept a day job at a tire company and also worked as an announcer on a Vicksburg radio station.  

Mack moved to Nashville in the late '50s; in 1957, he began his profitable association with Decca, becoming "Mack" thanks to an inattentive secretary. He wrote his debut single, "Is It Wrong (For Loving You)," and scored a Top Ten hit that remained on the country charts for over nine months and crossed over to become a minor pop hit. He later signed with Kapp Records and produced several albums for them. After performing on The Grand Ole Opry, he re-signed to Decca, where "Sittin' in an All Nite Cafe" made it to the Top Five. Unfortunately, he had a serious auto accident in 1964 and spent several months recovering.
DECCA/MCA Producer Owen Bradley advised him that he would have to record or be dropped. He did not have the strength at the time to go on recording. It would be another 15 years before he returned to the studio and went back on the road. Warner says, "I know first hand life's direction can change in the blink of an eye." He still suffers bouts of pain, to this day, from the 13 surgeries he had to undergo as a result of the accident.
He performed more radio shows for the U.S. Air Force than any other Country Blues artist. In 1965 he was the first Country artist to record Coca Cola commercials worldwide. A leading music industry magazine ranked him 6th among all Country singers. He has received numerous awards for his recording accomplishments and song writing.
In 1965, he scored the biggest hit of his career with "The Bridge Washed Out," which topped the charts for months. This was followed by a series of hits that stretched until 1973; among his most popular songs were "Sittin' on a Rock (Crying in a Creek)," "Talkin' to the Wall," and "Leave My Dreams Alone." Mack left Decca in 1973. Four years later he signed to Pageboy Records and had one minor hit, "These Crazy Thoughts (Run Through My Mind)," his final chart entry.
In 1991 he was inducted into the American Academy of Country Music Hall of Fame. Many have copied his sound, but none have been able to duplicate his unique style. As a music row executive once stated, "There's only one Warner Mack." Country Music legend Mel Tillis says of Warner, "He just doesn't hit bad notes; he's a natural when it comes to singing."
 Warner, a true "Son of the South," still resides in Tennessee, but looks forward to returning to his beloved Mississippi.  (Info edited from All Music Guide & bio)

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20. Warner Mack - Someone, Somewhere (2:03)
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