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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Bob Engemann born 19 February 1936


Robert Philip Engemann born February 19, 1935, Highland Park, Michigan.Died January 20, 2013
Provo, Utah.
Bobby attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, where he met Jim Pike, a singer who, later, would also be a member of The Lettermen. Bobby served a stint in the U.S. Air Force, and spent two years serving as an LDS missionary in Minnesota. In 1959 Bobby became a founding member of The Lettermen, the #1 "adult contemporary and romantic group of all time," according to Billboard Magazine. This phenomenal group enjoyed 20 hit singles, 46 consecutive hit albums, 9 gold albums, five Grammy nominations, sold well over $100 million worth of records and with top hits such as "The Way You Look Tonight," "When I Fall In Love," "Theme From a Summer Place," and "Goin' Out Of My Head/Can't Take My Eyes Off of You."
The Lettermen captured the hearts of young lovers throughout the world. In 2001, The Lettermen were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame, along with The Four Freshmen, The Bee Gees, and others.
In 1961, Bobby married Betty Irene Crail in the Los Angeles LDS Temple. Bobby and Betty enjoyed years of traveling the world with The Lettermen for concert tours, forging lifetime friendships and creating lasting memories. Bobby's family was his first priority. He loved spending quality time with his children, coaching youth sports, and attending practices and games to cheer on his family. He was an avid athlete himself, leaving baseball behind to follow his singing career. However, he was a family man and wanted to spend more time at home with his wife and their four children. As a result, during late 1967 Engemann left the Lettermen and sold his interest in the group to the other two members. He was replaced by Gary, Jim Pike’s younger brother.
Bobby began producing records and music for Capitol Records, United Artists Records and Hanna-Barbera television productions, producing stars such as Cheryl Ladd, Kurt Russell, Josie and the Pussycats and Scooby Doo. He also founded Independent Recorders, Inc. in Los Angeles, where hit records by such artists as The Beach Boys, Paul Anka, Mac Davis, Bobby Gentry, and Olivia Newton John were produced. Bobby fondly remembered those days as creative and exciting times.
In 1977, Bobby and Betty moved from Studio City, California, to Provo, Utah, to join his Alma Mater—BYU—as a Development Officer, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in funds for the University's major building projects and academic programs. Over the years, he kept his vocal talents sharp by singing with several performing groups, including Reunion, with former Lettermen Jimmy Pike and Ric De Azevedo of the famous King family, as well as Star and Galaxy.

 Bobby Engemann was originally one of the producers of the Utah's Stars and Friends show, and helped bring together the exciting group of performers for the first production. However, he died on January 20, 2013 of complications from a recent surgery. The producers of the show decided to include a special tribute to Bobby as part of the premiere performance.
(Info from Utah stars & friends,com)

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