Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Liza Morrow born 27 November 1913

Liza Morrow, 27 Nov 1913 New York (Brooklyn), NY, USA. - 24 June 2001, was an American big band vocalist mainly in the 1940's.

Again there is not much information regarding Liza, and only a few photographs (one of which I cannot confirm) but after researching on the web, here goes.

Liza Morrow was born Ruth Morrow in 1913. There is no information about her early life but while she was working as a publicist she was persuaded to take up singing as a career by United Press correspondent Bob Musel who later wrote "Band Of Gold."

As a singer Ruth changed her name to Liza Morrow. She played with actor/cellist Morrie Amsterdam; Bobby Hackett; Robert Q. Lewis; Mitchell Ayers; Eddie Condon; Benny Goodman; George Paxton; and was heard on NBC & CBS radio programs. It was with Benny Goodman's Band Liza sang on the hit song "Symphony" in 1946.

She married Dale McMickle who was a top trumpeter at the time and had another name change to Mrs. Dale McMickle and retired from singing to become a housewife. After two or three years Mrs. McMickle (now a mother) emerged from retirement and as Kit Carson recorded a tune on King Records called “Washing Machine Blues”. It didn’t score many points with radio programmers but it did win her an inking with Capitol records.

She recorded "Band Of Gold" in 1955 which became her only hit recording (reaching number 17 of the Billboard top 100 in January 1956). The flip side of that single was: “Cast your bread upon the waters”, the first One-Hit Wonder of the year. She promptly disappeared after that.

Publisher Howie Richmond queried her husband "Do you have any difficulty rememberimg her real name?" "No, I just call her honey," he said.

Liza died 24th June 2001. (Info edited from various sources, mainly Billboard magazine)


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