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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Dave Berry born 6 February 1941

Dave Berry (born David Holgate Grundy, 6 February 1941, Beighton, Sheffield) is a British pop singer and former teen idol of the 1960s.

He performed a mixture of R&B and pop ballads and was popular in Britain, and in Continental Europe, especially
Belgium and the Netherlands, but had no commercial success in the US, where he is best known for the original versions of Ray Davies' "This Strange Effect" and Graham Gouldman's "I'm Going To Take You There".

He had an unusual ambition for a pop performer trying to make a name for himself - to appear on TV completely hidden by a prop. In his own words, to "not appear, to stay behind something and not come out". He often hid behind 

the upturned collar of his leather jacket, or wrapped himself around, and effectively behind, the microphone lead.

His best remembered hits are "Memphis, Tennessee", "The Crying Game" (1964) and his 1965 hit "Little Things", a cover version of Bobby Goldsboro's Stateside Top 40 success. "This Strange Effect" (1965), written by Ray Davies, became a Number One hit for him in the Netherlands and Belgium, countries where he still enjoys celebrity status, having received an award from Radio Veronica, Netherlands, for their best selling pop single of all time. B. J. Thomas's sentimental "Mama" (1966) and "Don't Gimme No Lip Child", covered by the Sex Pistols, were other notable recordings.

His early hits name-checked his backing band the Cruisers who at that time were John Fleet (bass and piano), Roy Barber (rhythm guitar), Frank Miles (lead guitar) and Kenny Slade (drums). Berry parted with this line-up around the time of "The Crying Game" and recruited four more local
musicians - Frank White, Johnny Riley and Pete Cliff and as the second generation of Cruisers. Lead guitarist White was eventually replaced by Roy Ledger. Berry regularly used session musicians Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Big Jim Sullivan and Bobby Graham. Currently in the Cruisers are Daniel Martin (lead guitar since 2010), Adrian Fountain (rhythm guitar since late 2011), John Firminger (drums, been in the band for 14 years) and Brian Wood (bass guitar, joined 22 years ago, the longest serving member of the band).

His stage act, drawing largely on Elvis Presley and Gene
Vincent, provided an inspiration for Alvin Stardust. Such was his enigmatic and unconventional presence that several punk rock acts, such as the Sex Pistols, acknowledged him as an inspiration. The Geoff Stephens-penned song "The Crying Game" brought Berry's voice to his biggest international audience ever in 1992, when it was used as the theme song for one of that year's most successful films - Neil Jordan's The Crying Game. 

In the final quarter of 2010, "Little Things" was used in an advertisement campaign on British television by Andrex toilet paper. Berry also regained some recognition when he was the surprise hit of the annual Alexis Korner Tribute in 1995. In 1998 "This Strange Effect" was covered by the Belgian band, Hooverphonic, on their album, Blue Wonder Power Milk.

In May 2009, Berry toured the UK and appeared in a cameo role in a theatrical production, The Mod Crop. In August that year, RPM Records issued a double CD anthology of Berry's earliest recordings for Decca, entitled This Strange Effect (The Decca Sessions 1963-1966). The package added two previously unissued tracks made in 1963 (before Berry signed with Decca) with producer Mickie Most: "Easy To Cry" and "Tongue Twisting". Berry's illustrated autobiography, Dave Berry - All There Is To Know, was published in 2010 by Heron Publications Ltd. It included contributions from Joe Cocker, Ray Davies, Tony Iommi, Peter Stringfellow and Bill Wyman. (Inf Wikipedia)


boppinbob said...

Here's two comments from my original Multiply blog from 2009

Roger Kokken said...

I was lucky to see him life some years ago during an open air appearance in Mechelen (Belgium) He opened with "Now is the moment" and still managed to entertain the present crowd.
6 February 2009 07:24
walter vdb said...

very nice pics (as always), I think Dave aged well
6 February 2009 13:52

Jaimoto said...

Hi boppinbob, do yo can reupload again
"This Strange Effect" The Decca Sessions 1963 - 1966? (only two songs "Easy To Cry" and Tongue Twistin'
Many thanks.

boppinbob said...

Hello Jaimoto, sorry but I have not got the Decca Sessions anymore. I have "The Singles" album if any consolation... 1. Memphis Tennessee
2. My Baby Left Me
3. Baby It's You
4. The Crying Game
5. One Heart Between Two
6. Little Things
7. This Strange Effect
8. Now
9. Can I Get It From You
10. I'm Gonna Take You There
11. If You Wait For Love
12. So Goes Love
13. Mama
14. Picture Me Gone
15. Green Grass
16. Stranger
17. Forever
18. Just As Much As Ever
19. Do I Figure In Your Life
20. Huma Lama (& The Sponge)
21. Change Our Minds
22. Chaplin House
23. Movin' On (turn Around)
24. I Can Make You Cry

Jaimoto said...

Hello, I am grateful for the interest to answer. Alone I look for both mentioned songs. But thank you very much.