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Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Vogues - You're The One

On this day 13th September 1965, a new group called the Vogues released their first single "You're the One."



"You're the One" is a song by Petula Clark. It was included on the 1965 album I Know a Place. Written by Clark with her regular songwriter and record producer Tony Hatch, "You're the One" was a Top 30 hit in the UK Singles chart for Clark, but was more successful as a Top Ten US single release by The Vogues.
Recorded at Gate Way Studios in Pittsburgh, "You're the One" was the first track to be credited to the Vogues although the group had previously recorded as the Val-Aires. Pittsburgh-based record producer Nick Cenci had already cut "You're the One" with a local band called the Racket Squad; after hearing the Val-Aires audition tape, Cenci decided that that group's lead singer Bill Burkette could sing "You're the One" more effectively than Racket Squad vocalist Sonny DiNunzio. Accordingly DiNunzio's vocals were erased from the master, so that Burkette could record a fresh vocal over the instrumentation played by the Racket Squad's members.

Cenci approached Jim Rook, program director of KQV, with the Vogues' "You're the One" and KQV became the first radio station to play the record, which entered the KQV "Finest Forty" chart in July 1965, and that August broke in Detroit and San Diego. prior to breaking nationally that September.

The burgeoning success of the Vogues' "You're the One" had alerted Petula Clark's UK label: Pye Records, to the track's hit potential with Pye rush releasing Clark's own version as a single which entered the UK chart in November 1965 and peaked at #23. According to Chuck Blasco of the Vogues, Clark's US label: Warner Bros., had also intended to issue Clark's version as a single to vie with the Vogues' version in the US, but Clark vetoed the idea saying: "Let the boys have the hit". The Vogues' version did have a UK release on London Records but did not garner enough interest to share the UK charts with Clark's version.

"You're the One" also charted for Clark in Australia at #4 and in the Netherlands at #30. The Vogues' version was a Top Ten hit in Canada (#4) and New Zealand. (Info Wiki)

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