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Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Desperately seeking Dolores Ventura

I have one old 78 of Dolores Ventura from the mid 50s. On researching this artist I came up with next to nothing and am none the wiser .Can anyone help?

Here's the info so far......

A TV and Disc Jamboree
Johnny StewartMaxine DanielsDon FoxDolores VenturaBobby LimbRon Scott
Maxine Daniels & Dolores Ventura

Johnny Stewart recorded for HMV in 1958. Maxine Daniels was a jazz and cabaret singer who recorded for Oriole. Don Foz made several singles for Decca including a version of Be My Girl. Dolores Ventura was recording for Parlophone in 1956. Bobby Limb is probably an Australian who later had his own tv show in Australia.


Andrew said...

Hi Bob,
I just typed out Dolores Ventura in google and came up with your web pages. I work now as a musician for Hampshire County council care homes and today I visited a home where I have not been for a few years. Amazingly I was told this "great Musician" was in the home. Unfortunately she was not well enough to come to the session. She is Dolores Ventura! I hope to find out as much as possible as well but was intrigued that you live in Hampshire. I will be back there after Christmas and try to find out more from the staff there. Andrew Knights

boppinbob said...

Hello Andrew,
Thanks for the comment. I am a volunteer for Angel Radio based in Havant which is aimed at the more mature listener. The station only plays records prior to 1960.
Dolores Ventura is a favourite and a while back I tried to find out about her but there is absolutely nowt on the web. her son contacted me with the news that she was in a home and now your note confirms it.
Surprisingly there are no Dolores ventura records on CD (except for the Party In Rio LP)which is a shame as she was such a great pianist with a style similar to that of Winifred Atwell.
Awaiting further news in anticipation

Joanmarie said...
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Joanmarie said...

Hi Andrew/Bob, Just read your comment regarding Dolores Ventura, she is actually at the Nursing Home where I work, you can contact me on for more information.


I am very sad to say that Dolores died in a Hampshire nursing Home on September 20th this year. I got to know her when my mother and she were in the same Home for a while. I was a regular visitor right up to her death and can confirm that she kept her charisma and was up-beat right to the end. Her son gave her a wonderful send-off last Friday in a white casket painted all over with musical notes which would have made her smile... She lived in Winchester for the last 20 years of her life and played in local quartets, as well as being in the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra for a short time. Her favourite instrument was actually her beloved violin and she never forgot her Australian roots. An amazingly versatile artiste and a great human being. RIP Dolores - we miss you...