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Friday, 14 June 2013

Julie Felix born 14 June 1938

Julie Ann Felix (born 14 June 1938, Santa Barbara, California) is a folk rock recording artist, who was notably produced by Mickie Most on his RAK Records label.

She graduated in 1956 from the original high school in Westchester, Los Angeles, California. The same year that she arrived in the United Kingdom, she became the first solo folk performer signed to a major British record label, when she got a recording contract with Decca Records. By 1965, she was a headlining performer, referred
to in The Times as 'Britain's First Lady of Folk'. By the end of that year, she had filled the Royal Albert Hall for one of her concerts.

Julie Felix married David John Evans in Nottingham register office on 29 January 1966 and they lived together for a year before parting to go their separate ways.

In 1966 Felix became the resident singer on the popular BBC TV programme The Frost Report, presented by David Frost. She hosted from 1968 to 1970 her own TV shows on the BBC, including the series Once More With Felix (the first episode was transmitted on 9 December 1967). Among those featured on her show were The
Kinks, Leonard Cohen and Led Zeppelin's lead guitarist, Jimmy Page, who played the "White Summer" and "Black Mountain Side" guitar solo pieces. On 1 May 1967 she appeared on the German TV show Beat-Club; in September 1968 at the International Essen Song Days. Her late 1960s recordings included Going to the Zoo, a collection of children's songs on Fontana Records, and in 1969 she was one of the artists featured at the Isle of Wight Festival.

She had two UK Singles Chart hits in 1970. The first was with the song entitled "If I Could (El Cóndor Pasa)", whilst the second, marginally less successful, was called "Heaven is Here".

 She toured New Zealand in 1973. In the mid 1990s, Felix released her first new album in a decade, Bright Shadows, on her own label, Remarkable Records. In the late 1970s Julie moved to Norway where the title track of her 1976 album Hot Chocolata went to

number 1 in the singles chart. Julie recorded two successful albums in Sweden on the Scranta Gramafon label. In the 1980s she moved back to California and took a break from the music world. She studied Yoga, meditation and healing. In the late 1980s she participated in a peace march through Central America. It was a dangerous march, and witnessing the suffering of the indigenous peoples of Latin America inspired Julie to start singing again.

She returned to her house in Hertfordshire, England, and began singing for Latin American refugees, for women's and gay rights and for peace projects including protests against the war in the Gulf. She established the first New Age Folk Club, The Magic Messenger, providing a platform for budding musicians and poets. Julie created the Remarkable Records label and released Bright Shadows, her first album for 10 years. In the 90s she set up Goddess Tours, arranging trips and pilgrimages to sacred sites throughout Britain, Turkey, France and the American Southwest.

On 24 March 2008 she appeared on a BBC Four programme in which stars of The Frost Report gathered for a night celebrating 40
years since Frost Over England; Felix sang "Blowin' in the Wind".
She has appeared at the Wynd Theatre, Melrose, Scottish Borders, on an annual basis over the past few years.

She now lives in Hertfordshire, England, and is still recording and performing. In 2011 Julie sang at Sir David Frost's 70th birthday party, where her rousing performance of 'Forever Young' had all the guests from the worlds of royalty, politics and entertainment, on their feet and singing along.  (Info edited from Wikipedia &


boppinbob said...

For Julie's 1966 Lp Changes go here:

Password: xara

1. The Lost Children (Gordon Lightfoot) - 2:29
2. One Too Many Mornings (Bob Dylan) - 2:05
3. Gifts Are for Giving (Sylvia Fricker) - 3:01
4. Geordie (Traditional) - 2:24
5. To Try for the Sun (Donovan) - 3:00
6. Brain Blood Volume (Mellon, Julie Felix) - 1:51
7. Rainy Day (Julie Felix) - 2:02
8. Changes (Phil Ochs) - 3:18
9. Love Minus Zero - No Limit (Bob Dylan) - 2:51
10.Ballad of a Crystal Man (Bob Dylan) - 2:39
11.Get Together (Dino Valenti) - 2:41
12.The Ones I Love the Most (Julie Felix, D. Evans) - 1:51
13.The Way I Feel (Gordon Lightfoot) - 3:05
14.I Can't Touch the Sun (Shel Silverstein) - 2:01

zephyr said...

Thanks Bob I really like Julie singing and remember her singing on
The Val Doonican Show among others.