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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Robert Sevier born 2 March 1955

Robert Owen Sevier, born Wymering, Hampshire 2 March 1955 and still going strong- ish.

Hello blog followers, Yes It's my birthday. I will not describe my biography in full, but the main event  in my life is marrying my dear wife Jaqueline in 1975. All I can say is I have worked very hard throughout these past years. Some of my attributes are winning a talent contest in the Cosham trades union Club during the late 60's. Also a talent contest in my local pub "The Rover" in the 80's . Two fantastic kids in the 80's and 3 wonderful grandchildren born in the 0's.

I love music, especially oldies from the 30's to the "modern" beats of the 70's and beyond (within reason) and can't wait to produce my own shows on my local radio.


Joski said...

Happy Birthday from an old multiply refugee

stonefish55 said...

Still looking good after all of these years big fella!

Happy birthday to you.